From the repeal of “Don’t ask ; don’t tell” to members of Congress being “out” gays are more visible in our society than ever. This ever  changing attitude about the “other” suggests that rainbow acceptance is at hand. Yet with this new era gays are still subject to discrimination in housing, employment, child custody/adoption matters just to site a few examples. Gay jokes are still told. Gays are still subject to random violence. In her new book THE TOLERANCE TRAP: HOW GOD, GENES AND GOOD INTENTIONS ARE SABOTAGING GAY EQUALITY author Suzanna Danuta Walters argues that tolerance is not enough. Would the Woman’s Movement or African Americans have accepted merely being tolerated. No. Rather both have fought for equality in all aspects of life. Merely accepting what she calls “the low bar of tolerance” still allows the intolerant environments where things like hate crimes and LGBT teen suicide occur. Full equality, she argues, is what must be demanded. Nothing less than full “integration” is the only option which allows us to have a truly diverse society rather than one which expects one size to fit all. As my Grandmother might have said –from her lips to God’s ears.


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