This past Sunday I had the pleasure of interviewing Romance author Tami Lund. She has written numerous books both in paperback and e-book format. Her fascination with this literary form began at age twelve when she’d borrow books from her mother’s night table. From that point on she was hooked. I asked her about the reputation romance writing has for ” purple prose. ” Phrases like “milky white loins and throbbing manhood’s”have give the form a bad name. She chuckled agreeing with me. She did however state that lust is a part of every woman’s life and must be acknowledged. She sees a difference between lust and love. When I asked her about the old belief that men will often trade an I love you for sex and women will often trade sex for an I love you she disagreed. Women she stated are just as interested in sex as men perhaps they just don’t talk about it as much. Often lust can be a building block to love but if it doesn’t that’s OK as well. We also addressed the old notion that men aren’t attune to romance. Men she believes want romance in their lives as much as women want it. Again it appears to be a case of guys just don’t talk about it. She has receive many fan letters from men who have found her books most enjoyable. While she began reading romance at age twelve she doesn’t recommend it for other children of that age. Her own daughter will have to wait until she is sixteen. Tami doesn’t fall into the marketing trap of bare chested hunky men or big busted women on her covers. While there is sex on the page there is also something for your mind to consider.I’m reminded of a line from the musical ON A CLEAR DAY YOU CAN SEE FOR EVER, ‘love with all the trimmings filled with spice.” It describes the writing of Tami Lund


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