On a more personal note I have had a recent heath experience that has given me a new sense of understanding and respect for what women experience. Recently I discovered what felt like a lump in my left breast. Going to my general health care provider, we tried several different medications before it was decided that I needed to see a Breast Specialist. Gulp. I was sent to a local women’s health health center. Imagine if you will being the only man in the waiting room filling out forms asking questions like “when was your first period.” It was an odd experience to say the least. After the visit with the Doctor it was decided that I should have both an Ultrasound and a Mammogram of the left breast. Being rather ample in size I had sufficient mass to insert into the machine to have numerous pictures taken from several different angles. Getting squished into what is a relatively small space can only be considered an enjoyable experience if mild S&M is what you enjoy. The results of the Mammogram dictated that a needle biopsy needed to be done. While it is rare for men to get Breast Cancer, it does occur, and that is the first place my mind took me. The procedure itself was relatively painless and I am deeply grateful to my Doctor for all of her care and kindness. While it could be many things I await the results of the Pathologists report.



  1. Good luck on the tests.

    PS: thanks for the excellent interview of Dave Berg on Sunday. Are there podcasts of your show?

    1. Hi–Thank you for your good wishes. Currently podcasts of my shows are not currently available. If you think they should be requests should be directed to the WIP Program Director (Spike Eskin). Thank you for listening.

  2. Peter – my thoughts are with you. I sincerely hope it is nothing, and that the end result is simply a new appreciation for women’s health! ~ Tami

  3. Hi Peter,

    Good luck with the results. It is exactly these occasions that give us the character to become a happier or more understanding person.

    Hope you get the results you want.

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