Gossip is a guilty pleasure for many people. I confess that it is foe me. Many men like to believe it is just for women only. That, I believe, is a sexist statement. I think on some level we all ( men too ) like to know what is happening with the famous, the infamous, the rich and the powerful. It is this belief that periodically has me invite Cate Meighan from CELEB DIRTY LAUNDRY DOT COM. on the show. She always knows what is happening. Unlike Europe in America we have no royalty. Our celebrities, from all walks of life, are as close as we get. As a group we want to look up to them. We often envy them. Consider the cast of THE BIG BANG THEORY. They recently signed contracts for a base salary of $1,000,000.00 per episode. At the same time we might envy them we find some degree of “comfort” in finding out that they often have the same difficulties/problems we have. Whether it is in watching E news on Cable TV, reading US or People, listening to my visit with Cate monthly or scanning the Tabloids while in the checkout line at the Supermarket we want the details. Our golden Idols have can have feet of clay. Yes, our enjoying gossip like our addiction to chocolate might not be one of our finer attributes but it is, I believe, part of being human.


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