What do a US Commemorative Postage Stamp, a $5,000.00 SAVINGS BOND, and a PHILADELPHIA RECREATION CENTER have in common? They all provide clues to a hidden historical treasure in the Center City West Rittenhouse Square District of Philadelphia. They all carry the name and likeness of Marion Anderson, who was America’s greatest contralto singer of the 20th century. The treasure in question is the Marion Anderson Historical Residence Museum. Located at 762 South Martin Street (Marion Anderson Way-in-between 19th & 20th & Fitzwater Street) it was Ms. Anderson’s home from 1924 until her death in 1993. It provides a fascinating, well documented look into this groundbreaking singer, civil rights pioneer and humanitarian. With so many firsts to her credit from being the first African American to give concerts around the world, to being the first to sing with the Metropolitan Opera she is most often remembered for her history making concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial some 75 years ago. Having interviewed the Museum Executive Director this past Sunday I was astounded to learn of the amazing gifted woman who continued to share her gifts with the world overcoming prejudice while never losing faith that tomorrow will be better. I urge everyone to visit the home of this Legend. For information about the Museum and its hours please call 215-732-9505.


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