What is evil ? Some acts of human behavior are so heinous that there is no other word to describe them than evil. Is such evil born into people or is it made ? We can look at a new born baby and see nothing but innocence but yet they can grow up to commit brutal murders. Whether these murders were committed by an individual such as Jodi Arias ; who stabbed her lover 27 times while slitting his throat or by Hermann who engineered the Nazi killing machine. Both of these individuals were the subject of recent interviews on my Radio Show. In the case of Ms. Arias consider the book EXPOSED; THE SECRET LIFE OF JODI ARIAS by journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell. In the case of Goring consider the book THE NAZI AND THE PSYCHIATRIST; HERMAN GORING, DR. DOUGLAS M. KELLY AND A FATAL MEETING OF MINDS AT THE END OF WW II. Both authors suggest it is probably a combination of the two , nature and nurture , which produce evil such as theirs. While individuals are indeed born with a free will that allows them freedom to choose we much as how freedom is there when the ability to choose has been so damaged by early life events . A computer can’t process information appropriately¬† and neither can the human brain. We must then ask can we do as a society to minimize damage being done to prevent evil having fertile ground in which to grow. We must also as what do we do with them when we find such people after the evil has been done.


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