As Kermit the Frog often reminded us , “It’s not easy being green.” I was reminded again this past Sunday that it is also not easy living an alternative sexual life. Whether your Gay, Lesbian ,Transgendered, Bisexual, or Questioning the issues and pressures that you face in society can be overwhelming. Evidence of this can be seen in the higher than average rates of suicide, depression and addiction than in the general population. The struggles and triumphs that some individuals have faced are documented by three authors I interviewed. In her book,, CHANGING LIVES,MAKING HISTORY:CONGREGATION BEIT SIMCHAT TORAH, tells the history of the Synagogue in New York City created by Jewish GLTBQ individuals to serve their faith needs. It is an important story of finding a place in organized religion with doctrine that is not always accepting. In her young adult novel, Double Exposure, author Bridget Birdsall tells the story of a young person born intersexual trying to find an identity. Finally, Rizi Timane Phd, in the book AN UNSPOKEN COMPROMISE tells his story of being born a female in Nigeria. At an early age he came to realize he had been born into the wrong body. He felt male. An unsupportive family subjected him to beatings, and exorcisms before he managed to escape them. Finding an education he came to America where he obtained gender reassignment surgery. He has found a loving woman ,has become a minister and now counsels others who have had similar experiences. All three books and their authors offer us stories of triumph over adversity. While like Kermit it may not be easy being green like Kermit even if you are “green” you can be a “star.”


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