This past Sunday I interviewed Japanese Politician Yuki Oikawa. He is an official of the Happiness REALIZATION Party. A newly formed political party it finds its root in Buddhist principals. Typical of many political movements which find their roots in a religion the party is conservative in nature. We talked of many things. Beginning with the taking of Japanese hostages by ISIS; we talked about various economic, political and social issues facing the Country. When we talked of Japan/China relations things got difficult for me. In this type of discussion it is inevitable that the rape of Nanking and the issue of the Comfort Women is raised. Oikawa and his Party denies the the rape of Nanking never happened. He claimed it was anti Japan propaganda manufactured by China. He admitted to the Comfort Women. However they we not forced. Rather they volunteered receiving pay and were free to leave anytime. Like the Holocaust Deniers this example of revisionist history is deeply troubling. While the temptation to challenge these assertions was strong I operate the Show with a Prime Directive not to embarrass my guest. I came close to breaking my own rule this time. I didn’t but rather hoped Listeners would draw their own conclusion.


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