Peter Solomon

Peter Solomon

For nearly 30 years, Peter Solomon has been a staplemark broadcaster on Philadelphia’s radio air waves. For the past eight years, he has hosted the commercially & critically acclaimed “Conversations With Peter Solomon” on WIP AM Philadelphia. Peter has a long standing reputation in his industry of delivering great & though provoking interviews from his guests. With a heart on equal footing of his talent, Peter is also actively involved in several charities in the Philadelphia area.



    1. Thank you so much for listening to the show. It is appreciated. The quote is “THAT WHICH CAN BE COUNTED DOESN’T ALWAYS COUNT. THAT WHICH COUNTS CAN’T ALWAYS BE COUNTED.” ——Albert Einstein

  1. I am a tax centric CPA that helps people keep more of what they earn by saving them taxes and solving their tax problems. I have authored 2 books, and would like to know what the process is for applying to be a guest on your show, which I listen to regularly, and I especially like that Einstein quote. Thank you.

    1. Hello —-Happy to have you on the Show. Got some background you can email me ? ( Remember to include a phone #. Upon receipt I’ll contact you to schedule a date for the interview. Thanks for listening –p

  2. Hi Peter. Some time ago you interviewed an author who wrote a book called something like ‘Holy War’. I can not remember the name of the book or author, but the interview was great and spurred my interest in reading the book. I wrote down the info but seem to have misplaced it. Can you tell me the name of the book?
    Thanks!! Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi. —–Thank you for the kind words. They are appreciated. You have the book title correct. HOLY WAR is by Mike Bond. He is a frequent guest of mine. Anything he write is good reading. Please feel free to contact me anytime. Thanks for listening. —– Peter

  3. This morning, Feb 8, 2015 you had two guests, the names of the authors and books I missed. One was a woman who wrote a mystery. Word roses in the title, I think. The other a man, wrote a novel set in medieval time about children who die in a fire. Can you please let me know the author’s names. Thank you. And is there a list somewhere to look up the authors you have interviewed. i don’t always have a pen & paper handy or my phone to jot down this information.

    1. Hi —Thank you so much for listening.The books in question are DEATH BY ROSES by VIVIAN PROBST and SINFUL FOLK by NED HAYES. I hope you’ll keep listening and that you’ll sign up for the Blog. Feel free to email me again. —-Peter Solomon

  4. Hi Peter,
    I first stumbled upon your radio show in early 2003 on WIP 610 on Sunday mornings. Was the title name of your show always “Conversations…”? I could have swore it was called something different back then but maybe I’m getting it mixed up with something else!

    Anyways, keep up the great work.

    1. Hi -Thank you for being a long time listener. It is deeply appreciated. I’ve used many titles for the show during the 30 years. You may be remembering PHILADELPHIA or C.A.R.I.E LINE. These were other shows on WIP that I have done. Please feel free to stay in touch. Thank you gain. —-PETER.

  5. Peter, I enjoy your show on a regular basis. Could you give the author’s name(spelling) and book title regarding the patent infringement case with kodak and Polaroid?

  6. Peter, I enjoy listening to the beginning of your Sunday shows, until 620 when unfortunately I need to be at work and have to stop listening. I wanted to find out more about Todays Show Sunday December 6th with your interview of the man who makes the awesome chocolate chip cookies and to find out his Name website,etc. Thanks and Merry Christmas

    1. Hi —Many thanks for listening. Please forgive my delay in responding. The guest was Francis Bebe and the cookies are MR. NELSON’S COOKIES. For more I suggest you Google him and/or the Company. Thank you again. ——Peter

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