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“Conversations With Peter Solomon” has airs on Sunday from 6 – 8 am on WIP AM Philadelphia and features engaging & introspective interviews with today’s most interesting individuals.

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  1. Really? Just had to take a shot at Sarah Palin? You thought that was clever but it shows how weak-minded you truly are. Pathetic!

    1. Hello—Thank you for your feedback. You are correct in that I shouldn’t have taken the “shot’ at Ms. Palin. If you continued to listen you heard me apologize for doing it. If I offended you with the comment in anyway please accept my apologies. I believe there is room for all opinions in the American political dialogue. While I might not agree with Ms Palin, I should not have made the comment. I hope you will continue to listen to the shows and call me on my behavior if I err again. Thank you.

  2. Your show today with James Loewen ended abrupty at 7am with no thank you or goodbye or anything else. What happened? He is a great author and interview. Why did it end so suddenly and disrespectful?

    1. Hi —-Sorry but I thought I said thank you. If I didn’t I am truly sorry. The first hour of the show is carried by both 610AM and 94FM. If I didn’y get off by 7 there would have been problems with the 610 people. Sometimes guests talk longer than I might like and I felt it would be also rude to break in to his long thought. There are times when there are no easy answers when your playing beat the clock.Thank you for the communication and I hope you’ll continue to listen.——p

  3. You had an author on your show on May 31st 2015, who wrote a book about caretakers. What is her name and the title of her book please??

    1. Hello. Thank you so much for listening to the show. It is deeply appreciated. The book is THE CAREGIVERS by NELL LAKE. Feel free to contact me anytime. —

  4. PLEASE,pretty please,repeat name of Interviewee more clearly and often esp at end of
    segment- w/o name cannot research author, etc. Lose more ti me/information w/o NAME
    Thank You. TEO

    1. Hello —–Thank you for listening and thank you for calling my attention to this need. I will do my best to be clearer with the information you have note. Please feel free to contact me anytime. ——Peter

  5. Peter, I never saw your picture before. As Robert Hunter wrote ‘Been Hiding Out In a Rock n’ Roll Band’? You totally look different in photo than what I pictured from your voice. Obama doesn’t have to worry about assasination because nobody wants Biden as President.

    1. Thank you for making contact and for your comments. I’ve been told I have a face made for Radio so I’m curious so what did you imagine I might look like ? I deeply appreciate your listening to the show. I hope you like what you hear. Please feel free to contact me again. Thank you again . —-Peter

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